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  • Four LED camp lights next to their packaging | Featured image for 4 Piece White LED Camp Light Kit.
    Camp Lighting

    4 Piece White LED Camp Light Kit



    $125.00 inc GST Add to cart
  • Five LED camp lights next to their packaging featuring a no mosquito logo | Featured image for 5 Piece White/Orange LED Camp Light Kit.
    Camp Lighting

    5 Piece White/Orange LED Camp Light Kit



    $180.00 inc GST Add to cart
  • Sale! RHL3200 SERIES HEAD LAMP | Featured image for RHL3200 Series Head Lamp.
    Camp Lighting

    RHL3200 Series Head Lamp



    $42.99 inc GST Add to cart
  • Sale! RHL5400-Series flood lamp by ROADVISION | Featured image for RHL5400 Series Torch and Flood Lamp.
    Camp Lighting

    RHL5400 Series Torch And Flood Lamp



    $129.99 inc GST Add to cart

LED Camping Lights & Outdoor Camping Lights

If you’re shopping for outdoor camping lights, browse our range on this page. Our selection of LED camping lights includes LED camping lantern kits, head lamps and torch / flood lamp combination lights. If you need a high quality camping lamp, purchase your LED camping lantern from Action Auto today.

Browse, shop and order online on this page. If you need buying advice, or if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, give us a call on 07 3623 3200, e-mail us at workshop@actionauto.com.au or get in touch online, now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Camp Lights do I Need?

The answer to this question will depend on whether you need mobility and portability or more stationary illumination. You should also consider how much light (or how much brightness) you need from your LED camping lights. A good place to start are our 4 piece and 5 piece kits. If you need a camping lamp you can easily move around with, try our RHL3200 series head lamp. If you’re after an LED camping lantern, have a look at our RHL5400 series torch & flood lamp.

Where Can I Get Lighting for My Outdoor Adventures?

You can shop for your outdoor camping lights right here at Action Auto, we have a range of LED camping lights and a wide array of other LED lighting products and accessories not only for personal but also for vehicle use.

Do You Need a Lantern for Camping?

An LED camping lantern should be in the kit of any camper. Camping after sunset is simply that much easier with a lantern illuminating your path, obstacles or letting you clearly see anything else you could be doing at your campsite. A good source of light is not just a matter of convenience, having a camping lamp makes your adventures much safer too.

How Many Lumens Do I Need for Camp Lights?

Outdoor camping lights can range from 100 to 200 per lantern. Our range includes kits and camp lights ranging from 100 and 200 through 400 to 590 lumens to match a range of usage scenarios and camping situations. The bigger area you want to illuminate, the more lumens will you need.

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