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With a Smart Start Interlock, you won’t have to worry about accidentally driving while intoxicated, as it prevents you from starting a vehicle if your blood alcohol content exceeds zero. If you’ve had a DUI, getting your licence back may seem like an overwhelming process, but a Smart Start Interlock system can help get you back on track.

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How does a Smart Start Interlock work?

The Smart Start lock system works by being installed in your ignition system and preventing a user from starting if their alcohol content is above zero. Like a breathalyzer, a driver will need to blow into the device every time they start their car, as well as random intervals while driving.

Why would someone need an alcohol interlock?

You may be subject to an interlock program if you’ve done the following:

  • Driving under the influence
  • A driving offence with more than a 0.15 blood alcohol content
  • Two or more drink driving offences in five years
  • Not providing breath for analysis

What is considered a violation?

A violation includes missing or failing a breath test. If you fail the first time, your device will be locked for 60 minutes, after which you’ll be able to try again. If you fail or miss the second test, it’s considered a violation, and an alarm will go off until you turn off the engine.

How long are Smart Start alcohol interlocks used?

Alcohol interlocks are typically used for 12 months, which means that a user cannot drive a vehicle without an interlock for that time span. This time may be extended if a user tampers with the interlock, uses a vehicle without an interlock or violates the conditions of an interlock.

Why choose a Smart Start Interlock?

With over ten years’ experience helping people get back on the road, Smart Start is one of the most trusted alcohol interlock programs Australia wide. 

We offer 24/7 customer service to ensure you can get assistance anywhere and anytime, providing easy to use equipment that can be placed in any type of vehicle, ranging from cars and mopeds to motorbikes and trucks.

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Smart Start offers the best convenience with over 100 local service centres operating across Australia. Our trained technicians ensure that you’ll be in and out in record time.

How Do I Get an Interlock System?

To apply for an interlock, you’ll need to apply to have your licence reissued at a transport centre. Once approved, you’ll be sent a special probationary licence, which allows you to drive if an interlock system is installed on your car. You will then be tasked with contacting an interlock provider, and having a system installed in your car – you cannot install it yourself.

This includes paying for the installation, maintenance, servicing, and eventual removal of your interlock.

Need to Install an Alcohol Interlock System to Your Car?

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