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If you’re looking for a UHF radio for sale, we have you covered with a great selection and even greater service! Shop our range of UHF radios, aerials and accessories from Action Auto Electrical & Mechanical. We have a UHF handheld radio to suit any budget! Choose from an 80 channel UHF radio for sale today and ask about our fitment and installation options. All of our 5 watt transmission UHF radios come with a 5 year warranty offering you piece of mind. For communicating over long distances, you can also choose from our great selection of heavy duty antennas and aerials. If you’re after a UHF for sale, you’re going to need an antenna. We have antennas from 93.5cm all the way up to 120cm.

Looking for a particular UHF radio for sale? If you have any questions about our range of UHF radios or can’t find exactly what you are looking for, call us! Dial (07) 3623 3200 or e-mail on workshop@actionauto.com.au.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are UHF Radios Legal?

According to the Department of Transport & Main Roads, it is perfectly legal to be operating a UHF handheld radio while driving your motor vehicle. You do, however, need to remain in control of the vehicle and the installation and setup of your radio must not block or obstruct your vision while in normal driving.

What is a UHF Radio Used for?

A UHF handheld radio is commonly used for communicating between drivers, site workers and alike. Users can communicate via a 2-way signal usually across 80 or more channels. When in operation, only one user can speak into the channel at a time. These radios provide users with emergency signals and communications, safety updates, transportation news as well as other valuable on-road information and support.

How Far Can UHF Radios Transmit?

Typically, in a flat or open landscape, a 5 watt UHF handheld radio will transmit anywhere inside of a 6 – 10km radius. However, in more urban or uneven territory, the radio’s range is significantly decreased and will generally be considered as a ‘line of sight’ and will usually be only 1km or less. If you are interested in a specific UHF for sale, please reach out to our knowledgeable team by calling (07) 3263 3200 or connecting with us online.

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