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Action Auto Electrics is proud to have designed, developed and constructed a 24 volt brushless diesel burner motor with solar ability. This motor will fit many diesel burner variations extensively used to heat bitumen in transport equipment such as Tankers, Sprayers, Dogs and mini tankers.


Up until now, only brushed motor technology was available in low voltage diesel burner applications. This technology has proved to be consistently unreliable, causing significant down time during critical works campaigns and associated costs.

The new brushless motor has significantly increased reliability and lifetime running from ~900 hrs to well over 3000 hours (more than 270%).

The brushless motor enables battery technology to be used to eliminate the need for a diesel generator. This not only reduces unwanted noise pollution from generators from ()DB to zero with Lithium battery technology but eliminated the associated emissions of () per hour (Environmental impact reduction).

The most significant outcome achieved from the Brushless technology is the improvement in heating efficiency. A newly designed jet spray pattern, possible due to a constant 3000 rpm speed has resulted in heating efficiencies from 4 degrees per hour to up to 10 degrees per hour. This reduction in heating times significantly decreases labour costs and increases productivity traditionally lost in awaiting specific and correct heat values of bitumen products


The Brushless technology is enabling the bitumen industry to increase productivity through reliability whilst minimising servicing requirements. The units can be packaged to customers and made specifically to the applied equipment (Tanker, Sprayer, Dog trailer) with minimal information and easily fitted.

There is no requirement to have monthly or annual certification inspections eliminating downtime associated to time of road for maintenance & maximising the equipment for its intended use.
Tuning adjustments and standard servicing (rarely required) can be performed simply by almost any workshop without the need for specific trade certification such as B type gas fitters or 240 volt certified electricians. This in turn enables repairs and even replacements in remote locations viable.

Diesel fuel supplies across the country are significantly more stable as opposed to fuel sources such as LPG, particularly in remote locations where LPG is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain in quantity.


Longevity from 900 hours to over 3000

Reducing emissions

Reducing noise pollution

Heating efficiency improvements

Simple service program

Ease of fitting

Design Improvements

The specific design improvement directly relates to the burner being 24 volt and a consistent motor speed of 3000 rpm.

This matched to a unique jet nozzle, substantially increases the heat saturation area providing longer lasting sacrificial tube life and reduced product heating times. Specifically, a greater heat sync area, with the same calorific heat value, reduces the time it takes to heat product, as there is more product exposed to the heat sync.

There has been considerable confusion surrounding best practice of tuning diesel burners utilising sacrificial tubes.

 Action Control has now been able to set a standard tuning of a diesel burner that will not change due to the constant speed of the brushless motor. The motor is unable to turn any faster or slower than what it is programmed for, ensuring a consistent air to fuel ratio for the burners entire life, hence extending the service interval to jet clean/replacement and fuel filter standard service replacement.

Previous “brushed” motor speed technology would slow as the “brushes” wear, reducing the air intake setting, causing dangerous over fuelling carbon build up in the sacrificial tube, consistently halting works until adjustments are made at reduced heating temperature rates.

New Generation Brushless Technology

Initially Action Auto tried to rectify the problems with the brushed motors by rebuilding commutators, designing new brushes to allow extended life on the road however the same problems occurred with tuning.

As the brushes wear, the speed of the motor would slow causing air to fuel ratio imbalance and eventual over carboning of the sacrificial tube(s).

A trial motor was designed and developed over a period of 12 months to obtain correct speed and fitting solutions.

The trial motors extended past the original frame work of the burner and meant internal fuel lines had to be extended, housings manually fabricated where work load labour was substantial.

Points to note

  • New generation brushless technology.
    • Faster set motor speed for consistent air fuel ratio long term
    • Whisper quiet operation
    • Longevity surpassing brushed technology from ~900hrs to over 3000 hrs
  • Standard generator capable and can easily replace your existing burner
  • Lithium battery solar capable with a run time of over *14 hours
  • New technology nozzle jetting to enhance length of flame and increasing surface area heat sync
  • Elimination of generator fuel consumption offering a real environmental emission reduction
  • Elimination noise pollution & associated complaints
  • Superior heating efficiency and significantly reduced heating times
  • Extended sacrificial tube life from optimised surface area of flame to tube
  • Simple service program
  • Easily fitted as a replacement or full upgrade to the Action Lithium solar solution in most circumstances

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