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  • Sealed Conduit

    NC10/1 Sealed Conduit

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  • Sealed Conduit

    NC13/1 Sealed Conduit

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  • Sealed Conduit

    NC17/1 Sealed Conduit

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  • Sealed Conduit

    NC22/1 Sealed Conduit

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  • Sealed Conduit

    NC8/1 Sealed Conduit

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When you are looking for tough and long-lasting cable conduit, shop at Action Auto Electrical & Mechanical to get a superior product at an excellent price. We offer a variety of elastic sealed conduit products that are sure to meet the demands of every project. Our high-quality line of conduit can keep your wires and cables safe from harsh environmental conditions, scratches, oil, and other chemicals. The smooth interior makes running cables easy while the openings are simple to close with sealing conduit ends or electrical conduit sealant. Get in touch with us and learn how our expert cable conduit team can help provide the best cable for your project.

Looking for high quality sealed conduit products? Get in touch with the knowledgeable Action Auto cable conduit team to get started today.

Our Range of Cable Conduit Products Includes

NC10/1 Sealed Conduit – Flexibility makes this usable in a variety of situations. Rugged durability keeps your cables and wires protected from the elements, abrasions, and chemicals. An excellent product for automotive wiring.

NC13/1 Sealed Conduit – Corrugated cable great for any automotive wiring project. Slide cables through with ease and protect them from severe temperature changes, cuts, oil, and other damaging chemicals.

NC17/1 Sealed Conduit – Protect your wires and cables from severe environmental conditions, scratches, and other hazards with this outstanding product from Action Auto. Can be used in a variety of automotive jobs and its durability makes it long-lasting.

NC22/1 Sealed Conduit – Organise your wires while keeping them safe with our top-end sealed conduit. Protective outer layer prevents your wires and cables from being punctured and keeps them protected from extreme temperatures and other fluids.

NC8/1 Sealed Conduit – Flexible, tough, and durable makes this conduit useful for any cable or wiring project. Resistant to solvents, oils, and other chemicals it also prevents abrasions and insulates your wires from harsh temperatures.

Buy your Cable Conduit from Action Auto Electrical & Mechanical now!

Order sealed conduit online from Action Auto, your online auto parts store or to find out more call on 07 3263 3200 to talk to one of our team members. We can guide you through what’s available and help you make the best choice. Make a booking by getting in touch online today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is conduit the same as cable?

No. ‘Cable’ refers to the electrical cables used to send power to various systems while conduit is a protective covering. Conduit keeps your wires organised and safe from hazards.

How do I protect the wires beneath my car?

Use high quality conduit from Action Auto Electrical & Mechanical. They will protect your wires from high temperatures and punctures.

How do you seal a conduit opening?

Sealing conduit ends can be done using an electrical conduit sealant or other devices designed to plug the ends of the conduit.

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