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If your heavy vehicle, commercial fleet, or machinery equipment goes out of action, it can equal thousands of dollars in missed revenue.

Ensuring that your vehicles regularly go through diagnostic vehicle or car diagnostic testing from an experienced automobile diagnostic tester can ensure that your electrical or mechanical issues are narrowed down and fixed fast.

Action Auto Electrics has the diagnostic equipment required for your vehicle. Our car diagnostic services can detect issues in several areas of your vehicle; these include the:

Not only can a certified automobile diagnostic tester read the error codes displayed by your vehicle’s internal computer, but they will be able to analyse the extent and duration of the issue (how many ignition cycles) in real time. They will also read the information as your car is running and detect potential hazards or repairs before they happen.

Automotive Electrical Diagnostics for Heavy Vehicles and Machinery

When working with heavy vehicles, equipment, and machinery, ensuring they are properly maintained can be a significant investment for your business. Any time spent out of commission can mean thousands of dollars in missed revenue and potential future opportunities.

We have experience in working with all manner of heavy equipment and machinery. From concrete pumping trucks, buses, asphalt rollers, and even fire trucks! No matter what heavy vehicle or equipment your business uses, if it breaks down, we’ll be able to find it and fix it with minimal delay and impact to your bottom line.

Is your heavy vehicle throwing error codes? Is your machinery stuck in limp mode?

Book in for your heavy vehicle and machinery automotive electrical diagnostics service with a leading Brisbane auto electrician today! Call us on 07 3623 3200, or get your quote online today!

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Automotive Electrical Diagnostics for Commercial Vehicles

If your business needs its fleet vehicles for your employees to get to and from job site or to cover your service area, the last thing you need is for one of your vehicles to go down and miss out to a competitor.

When you buy a large fleet of vehicles, and something goes wrong with one of them, chances are that the same issue will come up sooner or later in the rest of them depending on their usage. We have experience in testing and diagnosing a range of fleet vehicles including Toyota, Izuzu, Holden, Ford, and more!

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Are your fleet vehicles not running like they used to?

Book your passenger and commercial vehicle or car diagnostics services with a leading Brisbane auto electrician today! Call us on 07 3623 3200, or get your quote online today!

About Our Automotive Diagnostic Tester

With diagnostic systems such as TEXA, AUTEL and G-SCAN, we pride ourselves on being able to retrieve any diagnostic related codes from your vehicle.

  • TEXA – Made in Italy, TEXA diagnostic products are designed for precision and made to align with the strictest of compliance certifications.
  • AUTEL – Using the universal OMBII connection, our AUTEL scanning and diagnostic tools will be able to plug, read, and diagnose a number of error codes and issues with your fleet vehicles.
  • G-SCAN – Designed and manufactured by automotive giants, Hyundai and Kia, G-SCAN diagnostic tools have made their way from the exclusive Japanese auto Amarket to manufacture and ship to the USA, Europe and Australia.
Heavy vehicle servicing | Featured image for Car Diagnostic Services service page.
Check Engine Light been on for a while? Don’t ignore it any longer!

Action Auto Electrics range of car diagnostic services will have you back on the road in no time! We can even discover issues before they occur. Make your vehicle diagnostics booking with a leading Brisbane auto electrician today! Call us on 07 3623 3200, or get your quote online today!

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