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Truck Mechanic Brisbane

At Action Auto, we are a leading truck mechanic that services the northern Brisbane area. Our mechanics possess the necessary skills and experience to have your truck humming and back on the road as soon as possible. We perform all our truck maintenance in house to ensure your vehicles receive only the best care and service. Our commercial and private vehicle maintenance is fully guaranteed by an expert team of mechanical professionals. When you come to Action Auto, feel confident knowing you are receiving heavy vehicle repair that is superior to the competition.

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Searching for a reliable Brisbane auto electrician? Contact the truck repair shop you can trust on 07 3623 3200 or get a quote online.

Truck Maintenance and Repairs

When you own and operate a truck, you are relying on thousands of different parts all operating in the way that they should to keep your truck running. No matter how well you maintain your truck, eventually these parts will require the services of a truck mechanic to continue operating at their best. The team here at Action Auto is here to help by offering premium heavy vehicle repair combined with only the highest-quality parts. We service trucks of all makes and models, regardless of condition.

Core Services

Routine truck maintenance saves you time and money while keeping you safe and your truck in top condition. We recommend getting routine maintenance every six months. Our heavy vehicle mechanic evaluates the brakes, tyres, engine, belts, and more within your truck to ensure it is in its best operating condition. Our truck mechanic then performs a road test and provides a report of their findings.

Our comprehensive test covers:

  • The engine
  • Oil
  • Air filters and air conditioning
  • Checking all fluids
  • Lamps
  • Belts, brakes, and hoses
  • Tyre rotation and calibration
  • Gap measurement
  • Suspension review
  • Test drive

Clutch Repairs

The clutch in your truck keeps your transmission operating properly. It distributes power to the wheels and determines the amount of power your engine produces. When you bring your vehicle to our truck repair shop, we diagnose the health of your clutch and replace it with a quality brand that keeps you on the road for the long haul.


Testing the brake system of your truck is a vital component of our heavy vehicle repair service. Brakes are crucial for maintaining safety, and if you hear a high pitch squeal or experience problems when braking, contact us immediately. We replace your worn out pads with top-of-the-line brands.


We perform a complete and thorough check of your transmission, and repair or replace as necessary to ensure safety at all times.

Timing Belts

Timing belts make sure the valves on your engine open and shut at the correct time, making them a critical component of your engine. Our range of timing belts coupled with our expertise means you will be driving safely for the months to come.

Engine Repairs

Our heavy vehicle mechanic conducts minor and major engine repairs quickly and effectively. We are also happy to supply and fit exchange engines.

Radiator Repairs

Radiators use water and coolant to reduce the heat generated from the engine of your truck and are crucial to the overall health of your truck. We provide professional radiator repair and replacement as part of our services.

Fuel Injectors

A dirty or malfunctioning fuel injector prevents your truck’s engine from operating correctly, causing it to misfire, stall, or surge. That is why our truck repair shop delivers a comprehensive fuel injection cleaning service.

Muffler and Exhaust

Our truck mechanic examines your exhaust system for damage and leaks, with repairs and replacements being made with only quality components.


We inspect and assess all suspension parts for wear and damage.


We carry a range of quality battery brands all which come with a warranty.


Our heavy vehicle mechanic repairs all truck trailers, from box trailers to dollies.

Fifth Wheel

Keeping your fifth wheel maintained is vital for ensuring your trailer doesn’t disconnect from your trailer and jackknife. Our inspectors help prevent these accidents from occurring, while making sure the fifth wheel is properly lubricated and adjusted.


If you have noticed the bulbs in your head or taillights starting to burn out, visit us for a replacement. We also inspect the lights themselves to ensure everything is functioning properly.


Whether your tyre has a puncture or feels a bit flat, our truck mechanic offers a full inspection before replacing the tyres as necessary.

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Service Today Payment Later

Car repair and maintenance at Action Auto can be paid with ZipPay. Free from interest and fees, ZipPay is a convenient way to cover unexpected expenses. It is a secure system that completes payment only after both parties are satisfied with the provided service.

Contact the Truck Mechanic Brisbane Trusts!

If you require auto repair services for your truck, make us your one stop shop to get back out on the road and keep on trucking. We offer extensive service that covers all areas of your truck to ensure everything is operating as it should. To make a booking or to enquire further about our services, give us a call on 07 3623 3200 or get a quote online.

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