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    Driving Light Wiring Loom

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  • DC2 Series Bar | Featured image for the Roadvision 22 Inch Light Bar
  • ROADVISION - SR2 Series - 21 Inch 45W Light Bar
  • ROADVISION - SR2 Series - 32 Inch 72W Light Bar
  • ROADVISION - SRP Series - 20 Inch 84w Light Bar
  • Light Bar | Action Auto Electrics
  • Light Bar | Action Auto Electrics
  • Light Bar | Action Auto Electrics
  • Light Bar | Action Auto Electrics

LED Light Bars – Vehicle / Car Light Bars

Purchase your LED light bars from Action Auto, your experts in LED light bars. Browse our full range of LED light bars here. Shop and order online now, choosing from a selection of Roadvision car light bars in a variety of sizes to suit your requirements. We stock LED lightbars in sizes from 14 inch, through 22 inch to 32 inch (along with a range of in-between options which you can view above). You can also choose from a selection of wattage options from 45W, 60W, 72W and 84W, through 120W to 180W with in-between options available as well.

If you have any questions about our range of LED lightbars or cannot find exactly what you are looking for, give us a call on (07) 3623 3200 or e-mail us on [email protected] for more information or expert buying advice. Our team is waiting to help you make the best possible purchase at a great price.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a number of very common questions concerning LED lightbars, we have prepared a few answers concerning the ones we see most often. Remember to always consult your current state or territory regulations for the most up-to-date, official information on what is permitted in your area.

What Are LED Light Bars?

LED light bars are multi-purpose lights, typically in use on off-road vehicles and in farming applications.

Are LED Lightbars Street Legal?

According to the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, “The fitting of driving lamps, including LED lightbars, is permitted in Queensland.”. There are however a number of instructions, requirements and regulations concerning correct fitting if such vehicle lighting and associated mounting brackets, which can be viewed in full detail here.

What Can LED Light Bars Be Used for?

Vehicle light bars are particularly useful and most commonly found on off-road 4×4 vehicles to provide additional illumination in low light, off-road usage situations.

How Many Watts Do Good LED Lightbars Have?

Your choice of wattage should take into consideration your specific needs and requirements for how you are planning to use it, keeping in mind that LED light bars output brighter illumination at lower power requirements compared to traditional lights. Consult the product description for full information on wattage, beam distance and light output in lumens, to get an idea of whether your chosen vehicle light bars will suit your intended usage situation.

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