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Charge Better with REDARC and choose the right REDARC battery chargers for your needs with Action Auto Electrical & Mechanical. No matter the battery type of your vehicle, REDARC have the solution. With REDARC ensure that your vehicle’s battery life is healthy, charged and always ready to go no matter the adventure. Compact and ready to use, REDARC power chargers are designed and feature 100% proven technology that delivers and maintains optimal charge regardless of your battery’s type or size. With an extended range of REDARC power chargers available at Action Auto, we can help you find the right input (operating voltage), output voltage and current ratings to perfectly suit your vehicle.

For more information, get in touch with the Action Auto REDARC Brisbane team to get started.

Our REDARC Battery Chargers & Accessories Range Includes:

REDARC CONTROLLERS & ALARMS – The ultimate in towing safety and offering a smoother trailer braking response; Our REDARC controllers are compatible with all modern vehicles and remain Australia’s favourite and most trusted brake controller and alarm system.

REDARC IN-VEHICLE CHARGERS – Designed to keep your battery charged whilst driving and featuring multi-stage battery charging, our range of REDARC In-Vehicle chargers charge your vehicle to a proven 100%. Compact in size and easy to install – water, dust and vibration are no simply no match for REDARC. Browse our range to get started today!

REDARC INVERTERS – With 350W 12V systems all the way up to 3000W 24V systems, REDARC PURE SINE inverters allow you to use your electrical devices anywhere in Australia and get the same type of 240-volt power you get at home. Producing a unique sine wave, they ensure a smoother, more efficient running of household appliances while on the go.

REDARC ISOLATORS – Prevent your secondary battery draining your main battery with the range of REDARC isolators. Micro compressor controlled, REDARC isolators are designed to protect your start battery from excessive discharge while ensuring that your auxiliary battery can still supply non-essential loads.

Order your REDARC Battery Chargers with Action Auto Electrical & Mechanical today!


Order REDARC Brisbane & Australia wide online or for more information call us on 07 3263 3200 to discuss your battery charging needs. Our team will walk you through what’s available and help you make the right choice. You can also get in touch online to arrange a booking.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are REDARC battery chargers & products?

REDARC battery chargers and accessories attach to any moving vehicle that uses battery power and are designed to keep your battery charged whilst driving and will fully charge auxiliary batteries to a proven 100%

What REDARC power products do you sell?

At Action Auto Electrical & Mechanical, we stock a wide range REDARC controllers, alarms, in vehicle chargers, inverters and isolators for all applications. If there is a particular REDARC power product that we don’t have in stock, simply get in touch with our team and we’ll do our best to get it in for you.

What do REDARC battery chargers do?

REDARC are in-vehicle battery chargers that charge your battery while your vehicle is driving ensuring that your secondary batteries are fully charged to a proven 100% no matter their type size.

How do you choose the best vehicle battery charger?

Choosing the best vehicle battery charger will depend on your needs and circumstances. With a variety of options available on the market, speak to the team at Action Auto Electrical & Mechanical to find a solution that is tailored to your needs today!

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