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    2C1CW Connector

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    2C2CW Connector

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    2C3CW Connector

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    2C4CW Connector

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    2C6CW Connector

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    DT2C Connector

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    DT3C Connector

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    DT4C Connector

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    DT6C Connector

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    DT8C Connector

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    FM1 Connector

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    FM2 Connector

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Buy Electrical Connectors

Action Auto Electrical & Mechanical features world-class electrical connectors for all your automotive needs. Stocking wire connectors from top brands such as Weather Pack, Deutsch, and Anderson Powerpole, our electrical wire connectors are essential products in the automotive industry. Action Auto wire connecters are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are designed to hold up in extreme temperatures and the harshest of environments. Compatible across a range of vehicles, our products suit the needs of varying automotive industries.

For more information, get in touch with the Action Auto electrical connectors team to learn more now.

Our Range of Electrical Connectors includes

Weather Pack Connectors – Action Auto features a range of Weather Pack wire connectors, the ultimate in signal level circuits. Designed to perform in the most demanding of environmental conditions, these connectors are made from the highest quality materials. Keep your connections safe regardless of moisture or high temperatures.

Deutsch DT Series – Deutsch DT connectors are high quality products proven to be durable and reliable. Excelling in adaptability, they have optional flange mounting, are available in a variety of pin arrangements, and are engineered with flexibility in mind. Browse Action Auto’s stock of DT connectors today.

QK Series 250 Connector Kits – Quick connect housings that lock their tabs into place, keeps both male and female parts securely connected. Available in 1,2,3,4,6, and 8-way connections. Rated out to 20 amps.

Anderson Powerpole Connectors – Versatile genderless electrical wire connectors keyed to mate with housings of the same colour. Designed to prevent accidental polarity reversal and available in 50-, 120-, 175-, and 350-amp ratings. Stainless steel springs and polycarbonate casing makes these connectors a world-class product.

Order your Wire Connectors from Action Auto Electrical & Mechanical today!

Buy electrical connectors online at Auction Auto or to learn more call us on 07 3263 3200. Our online auto parts store team can help you find the best choice for your next auto electrical project. For further enquiries, contact us online to arrange a booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have different electrical connecters?

They are classified by how much voltage they can handle. Power sources come in a variety of sizes from the small ‘imagine a car battery’, to the large ‘picture a semi’, and generate varying amounts of electricity so a variety of connecters are needed.

How do I choose a connector?

There are several factors, a few of the most important are current rating, connector size, engagement force, and wire size.

Where are electrical connectors used?

They link subsections of circuits. They are frequently placed in locations where it’s useful to be able to disconnect the flow of electricity.

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