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Clutch Replacements

While most vehicles these days use automatic transmissions, there are still plenty of manual trucks that rely on a clutch to change gears. The clutch is a valuable part of how you operate your truck, and if it is damaged or fails to operate properly, it can cause major problems for you and your vehicle. Most clutches wear down eventually after continued use, which is why we offer clutch replacements to get you safely back out onto the road as soon as possible. 

So, if your clutch is starting to stick or slip through gears, book a service with the clutch specialist Brisbane vehicle owners rely on to have their trucks operating at maximum efficiency once again.

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If you are searching for outstanding commercial auto electrics, give the team at Action Auto a call on 07 3623 3200 or get a quote online. We’re happy to help!

Quality Clutches Brisbane

The clutch is a vital component of your manual transmission, as it is a key part of getting your truck up and moving. A damaged or broken clutch may result in you being unable to change gears, resulting in your truck driving very slowly or not at all. As a team of experienced mechanics, we know that every clutch is different. That is why when you book clutch replacements with Action Auto Electrics, you receive personalised service to diagnose the unique problem with your truck’s clutch and fix the issue as efficiently as possible.

A clutch repair requires you to bring your truck into our workshop, as inspecting and repairing clutches is an involved process that often requires the gearbox to be removed. Most clutch issues are caused by the clutch cable, which is the main component that allows you to switch gears and is susceptible to wearing down over time. If these issues are left untreated, your truck can become stuck in the last gear you were in before the clutch cable broke.

How to Detect That You Need Clutch Replacements

If you have never needed a clutch replacement before, it may be hard to determine when the clutch is responsible for your issues. If you are needing to push harder on the clutch pedal to get feedback, or the gears are beginning to crunch while shifting gears, then that is a sign that you need to consult the clutch specialist Brisbane trusts for quality service and expert repair. Any loud bumps or noises emitting from your gearbox are also a telltale sign that the clutch has gone. To identify and repair the problem directly, we inspect every part of your truck’s transmission to ensure we diagnose any issues with your clutch and truck.

Why Choose Action Auto

Having operated in southeast Queensland for over 40 years, we are a trusted and respected name in auto repair. Whether you need your battery replaced or the best clutches Brisbane can provide, our dedicated team is here to help with all your auto issues. When you have worked in the industry for as long as we have, you’ve seen it all, making us more than capable of diagnosing and repairing any issues your truck or heavy vehicle may be experiencing. We pair our expert knowledge with a commitment to providing outstanding customer service, ensuring you drive out of our shop with a smile on your face in your good as new vehicle.

Don’t Delay, Book Clutch Replacements Today!

When you require expert mechanical services, look no further than Action Auto Electrics. Along with replacing clutches, we also provide vehicle maintenance and repairs, fleet servicing, logbook servicing, and suspension maintenance. We also sell a variety of spare parts and accessories for your vehicle. Get a quote online to get started or give us a call on 07 3623 3200 to book an appointment.
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