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  • Twin Pack of Antennas | Featured image for the All Terrain GME AE4705BTP Twin Pack product page from Action Auto
    UHF Aerials

    All Terrain GME AE4705BTP Twin pack – Black



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  • CHB7-Series-2 | Featured image for Axis CHB7 - 6.5dB Removable Black Fibreglass Aerial - 93.5c.
  • Two black 380mm flexible antennas | Featured image for GME AE4005 - 380MM Flexible Antenna (2.1DBI GAIN).
  • Two white 1200mm heavy duty RADOME antennas | Featured image for GME AE4705 - 1200MM Heavy Duty RADOME Antenna (6.6DBI GAIN) - White.
  • Two 1200mm Heavy duty RADOME antennas | Featured image for GME AE4705B Antenna - 1200MM Heavy Duty RADOME Antenna (6.6DBI GAIN) - Black.

Shop UHF Aerials & Two Way Antennas


Reach further and hear more clearly with our range of UHF aerials and two way antennas from Action Auto Electrics. We over a range of UHF antennas to extend the range of your UHF radio or other mobile communication radio. Whether you need to cover long distances for communication or need to get your vehicle job site ready, we have the perfect solution for you!

We offer aerials which will suit to fit most OEM replacements and can give you an added upgrade to your UHF’s overall performance. We over several different models of heavy duty UHF antennas to browse including the GME AE4705B antenna featuring a 6.6DBI gain, and 1200mm length. No matter what situation or conditions you need a two way aerial, Action Auto Electrics and Mechanical have the perfect product to suit!


If you have any questions about our range of UHF aerials or can’t find exactly what you are looking for, call us! Dial (07) 3623 3200 or e-mail on workshop@actionauto.com.au.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does a two way aerial work?

A two way aerial works by taking the input from the UHF radio an amplifying it through the transmitter and boosting the signal out through the antenna using radio waves. As a rule of thumb, might antennas and aerials are use for communicating over short distances such as work sites, camp grounds or properties & estates.


Are all UHF antennas the same?

As they saying goes, You Get What you Pay For! At Action Auto Electrics, we trust the quality of our products enough to offer them up to you!  If something doesn’t meet our quality standards, we wont stock it!


What is the difference in UHF aerials?

Besides the general differences in length and build quality, the main difference in aerial performance is the DBI gain. Most antennas will offer a 6.0 – 6.6 DBI gain which is good for covering longer distances but the signal won’t be cast as high from the aerial. Using the image below you can see the differences in range output from different DBI gains.


DBI Gain Diagram | Featured image for “UHF Aerials” | Product Category Page

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