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VIQ – ViQ11040S1D – Drawer 110Ah Power Hub

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Duel Battery Power Re-invented – Welcome to the VIQ Lithium Power Hub



The ViQ Power Hib is an intelligent superpower all rolled into a compact 12/110AH slimline lithium battery with an internal BMS, 40A dual stage DCDC charger and service port. The energy component is constructed using the latest high quality prismatic lithium iron phosphate cells. The smart design utilises a common form factor in a robust aluminium case allowing a staged approach to your vehicles power needs.

110Ah lithium battery with prismatic cells for durability

Integrated 100A BMS

Maximum charge rate – 100A

Maximum discharge – 100A

Integrated 40A dual stage DCDC charger

Smart Solar Regulator – 75/15A

Dual Battery Protect

Smart Shunt – 500A

Bluetooth connectivity

Verified looming

Verified plug & play interface panel

Installation kit

Installation manual

Efficient installation – under one hour


Dimensions – 1060 Long  x 268 High x 110mm Wide


The ViQ Power Master battery has an inbuilt Battery Management System and service port to enable routine maintenance and performance scrutiny. Weighing in at just 13kg, the unique slim format makes it the perfect battery for installations where space is a premium. This range of batteries offer installation solutions across emergency service, large corporate fleet, 4WD, Canopy and the Motor Body Builder segments. Common installations include behind / under seats, adjacent to slide out storage assemblies and utilising voids and unused spaces. Slide it behind a seat, bolt it to a wall or at the back of a cupboard. The Power Master battery provides up to 100A of continuous discharge or charge and can be stacked in parallel to increase amp hour storage capacity. Power out via the M8 lugs and charge and monitor cell state via the MCP connector. The strong aluminium outer enclosure delivers a safe, lightweight, and powerful unit which is the perfect building block for next generation battery systems.


Built & OWNED

Made by Australians for Australians, you’ll go further for longer with VEHiQA.

Slimline design to maximise your storage space

Scalable – designed to build on your budget and needs

70% smaller in weight and size compared to other market brands

Powered to last

Rapid charge

Transferrable from vehicle to vehicle

Designed to keep you off grid for longer

Increased reliability and capacity

Lifespan of up ten years

Internal monitoring system & optimised performance

VEHiQA integrated systems feature fully upgradable, modular componentry to add functionality when you need it

Designed and engineered in Australia


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