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Roadvision – STEALTH SERIES S70 – 30 Inch 249W Light Bar

$495.00 inc GST

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Roadvision’s new Stealth Range of light bars represent the best performance from our new projector style lens in a light weight tough diecast aluminium housing. Available in single and dual row models from 7” to 52”, the smoked look lens and blackout mounting provide a low profile durable look producing up to 27,500lm of instant light output utilising Roadvision’s Thermal Management Technology.

The Stealth Series has been designed to deliver three unique performance characteristics with different combinations of distance or intensity suited to your main vehicle use and application:

Long range slimline S40 Series reaches up to 917m @ 1 Lux and produces up to 14970lm.

High intensity S52 Series reaches up to 812m @ 1 Lux and produces up to 19,436lm.

The best of range and intensity from the S70 Series reaching up to 1118m @ 1 lux and producing up to 27,500lm.

Low profile with smoked lens and blackout mounting hardware for a STEALTH on vehicle look
Roadvision’s best-in-class Platinum Range, backed by a 7-year warranty
Projector Beam Technology producing more power from a smaller package
Single row light bar producing up to 27500lm of instant light output
Available in 7” to 52” models
Osram Hi-Lux LED’s produce super white light close to daylight
Multi-volt 10-30V DC input & super low current draw
50,000 hour LED lifespan with solid state technology
Advanced Thermal Management Technology
Light weight and tough die-cast aluminium housing & polycarbonate lens
Water & dust proof IP67 rated
9 position adjustable anti-vibration end mount system & low profile slide mounts
Over/under voltage, reverse polarity protection & EMI/EMC radio interference approved

S40 Series

S52 Series

S70 Series


The S40 Series are a super compact single row light bar designed with a long range beam penetration and lower short range intensity – perfect for highway driving.

Suitable for use on trucks, 4×4’s and SUV’s in licence plate and roof rack mounts, and applications where a larger light profile bar just won’t fit.

The S40 delivers outstanding lux performance from a very small package reaching up to 916m @ 1 lux from a 50” bar.


The Stealth 52 Series are a compact single row light bar series designed with a high intensity light output whilst still achieving mid to long range beam penetration – ideal for windier roads and bush tracks where maximum visibility and light intensity is required.

Perfect for trucks, 4×4’s, SUV’s, agricultural and industrial for nudge, bull bar & roof rack mounts.

With larger 10W LED’s, the S52 Series delivers outstanding lumen performance of up to 19,436lm whilst still reaching up to 812m @ 1 lux from a 50” bar.


The S70 Series has been designed for the best of both worlds, maximum intensity and long range beam penetration – perfect for the serious off road enthusiast, professional off road racer or if you just want the best of the best.

Delivering the best performance mix of high intensity light and long range beam penetration, the S70 Series delivers up to 27,500lm of light intensity and a staggering 1118m of beam penetration @ 1 lux from a 52” bar by utilising Roadvision’s Thermal Management and Projector Beam Technology.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 815 × 67 × 70 mm
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