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Roadvision Dimmer Switch

$59.55 inc GST

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The Roadvision Dimmer Switch (RDIMG2) is engineered to be used with the Roadvision Next Generation Light Bars product range. This dimmer control switch is a convenient all-in-one way to easily adjust the brightness of your light bars. Create the lighting conditions you want in any situation without altering the colour of your lights. When you are out in traffic adjust your lights to a lower setting then increase their brightness when you are secluded from other vehicles.

The Roadvision Dimmer Switch uses plug and play technology that makes it a breeze to install; furthermore it is compatible with positive or negative switched head lamp systems. For a dimmer control switch that is safe, reliable and convenient look no further than the RDIMG2 from Roadvision.


  1. Find an appropriate location that is flat on the dashboard to install the Roadvision Dimmer Switch.
  2. Pre-drill a hole if needed to pass the cable through the dash, or you can pass the cable through an opening that already exists.
  3. Use either the M4 screws or the 3M double sided tape to secure the control bracket firmly to the dash.
  4. Pass the two wiring cables through a grommet in the firewall of the vehicle ensuring the wires do not rub on any sharp corners or edges.
  5. Connect the LEDLink 4 pin twist lock plug directly to its matching socket supplied from the Roadvision Next Generation LED Light Bar.
  6. If the vehicle has been fitted with HB3 or H4 bulbs, you’ll need to plug the appropriate piggy back connector in to the lead from the high beam dimmer controller. (part numbers; HB3 – RPBCHB3 or H4 – RPBCH4 which are both sold separately).
  7. The vehicle’s head lamp plug (high beam) will need to be unplugged from the rear of one of the bulbs for the head lamps and the piggy back connector will be plugged into both the globe and the vehicle harness.
  8. In the case of vehicles where it is impossible to install a piggy back connector, first identify the feed for the positive high beam and connect the red wire, then connect the black wire to the negative feed for the high beam. Ensure to use solder or alternatively to use an appropriate crimped terminal while insulating the bare wires with electrical tape or heat shrink wrap.
  9. Connect Roadvision’s Next Generation light bars 2 pin Deutsch or ATP plug directly into the battery with the appropriate fuse installed for the positive feed. (part numbers; Deutsch – RPCDT3M or ATP – RPCATP3M both are sold separately).
  10. Make sure all access wires are secured to the vehicle.
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